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Author Topic: Mobile App 'The Ball Game - Lite' needs an LGS Privacy Policy  (Read 248 times)


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'Liquid Gold Software' is a notion dependent in part upon the development and interest in the game 'The Ball Game - Lite'.

I, Raymond David Lee, am the lead developer and provide the moral balance for the organisation. Watch it, son.

In this app, we are keeping records of the anonymous google authorization id, the current app version, and menu choices made in the app. We also keep a copy of this in the apps memory on your device as a 'cookie' to remind us of your choices in our app. That can be deleted, but each time the app is run it will check and create a new one at random if necessary. All your old data will then be unobtainable by anyone without the key, and eventually deleted. Whether or not this gets popular.

There is no personally identifiable information, nor are there any financial or payment details collected or maintained by this app or it's databases in any way.

Raymond David Lee and Liquid Gold Software are not currently affiliated or licenced with any other organisations. We're *that* lonely. And I am *that* sad.

Adverts in this app are served by the UnityAds API and we comply with their accords which have been drawn up to comply with the GDPR guidelines. There are also hints at other LGS products in the pipeline, but you've got to really look for those and although everyone has an equal chance at finding them, some are in really specific places and you've really got to be pushing the envelope to get to them.

To check for your recorded decision on consent, tap 'options' to get the options screen, then tap 'Privacy Policies' in the bottom right to get the Policies screen, and in the bottom left will be a button with either 'GDPR Consent' or 'GDPR No Consent' depending on whether you're currently agreeing to or declining from personalised advertising. The current status of your consent is passed on to Unity's advertising API every time that an advert is requested.

The code within this app is entirely developed,  maintained and owned by Raymond David Lee and Liquid Gold Software (using the Unity3d engine and Microsoft's Visual Studio c# IDE) as of 2019/mar/17.

Do you want to know more?
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Re: Mobile App 'The Ball Game - Lite' needs an LGS Privacy Policy
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2019, 02:44:26 pm »

The Ball Game is only available on Android - it does contain some screen samples from games currently in development.
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