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Author Topic: What's Your Damage?  (Read 100 times)


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What's Your Damage?
« on: March 19, 2019, 02:40:11 PM »

I recently saw a tattoo on Tumblr which said "What's your damage?" and it reminded me that we're all damaged in some way and I hadn't really considered describing my own personal damage. I hadn't done this laregely because I've personally taken responsibility for mitigating and repairing said damage ostensibly from when I reached the age of majority (18 in the UK), even though it took some years for me to realise the extent of the damage, and then some years more to realise the importance to me, those around me, and the world at large, and the universe in general.
Having said that, I realise that I'm not Charles Dickens, Darwin, or Dance, so I quietly pursue my own repairs and try to make good in my life.
I don't want to disturb other's and so I don't bother people much, but this is a damaged point of view - I have to express my needs and wants in communication otherwise I might as well not exist. I would ideally prefer a middle ground of open, honest communication, but very few people are undamaged enough to want this so I make up for it with tolerance and understanding. Most people mistake this for weakness and/or interest and become offended when I offer an opinion based on personal experience, so I tend not to involve myself with people unless they prove actually well-balanced first.
In moral and spiritual terms, I could best be described as a nihilist, except that others like Nietsche were prone to black and white observations, whereas I can accept the grey, static nature of the universe, and our anti-entropic role of survival within it. The question of existence is essentially self-defeating since humanity is to the universe as a spider is to a bath.

Having the chance to create has now opened up a plethora of options much like Pandora's box - I've just released a skill-based ball-rolling puzzle game on mobile and that's just the entry point. I already have two board games, and two free-roam adventure games under early development one of which is a series of games extending character development across a dynasty, and I also have plans for a much bigger project whose limitations have not been bounded yet. Generally speaking, the larger projects have already been in my head developing for about 30 years or so, but having the opportunity to actual bring them to market is nothing short of inspirational.